Attorneus.com («Service») is developed by PROFITMARK INC., USA.

Profitmark is used by the company as a trademark.

Please, read this document before using the service. All of the above terms and conditions form a legally binding agreement between the User ("Registrant", "Applicant") and the Service.

The Service shall be entitled to amend this agreement at its sole discretion at any time without informing the Registrant. The user can get review the current terms and conditions of the agreement on this page.

Service provides the Users with a free opportunity to check the trademark.

The service database is filled from open sources, i.e. national registries of departments, registries of international organizations and private registries. The Service shall not be responsible for timeliness, completeness and accuracy of the information obtained by the Registrant according to free search results.

Using this tool, the Registrant will be able to receive information about similar and identical trademarks. However, when the expertise produces a confusingly similar trademark not included in the search results at the time of check, the Registrant shall not be entitled to present any claim to the Service. The user shall analyze the results and assess the risks it may face during registration. The Service shall not be liable for conclusions drawn by the User using the free search. The Service recommends using a free trademark search as a subsidiary tool.

The relationship between the Registrant and the Service arising herefrom shall be governed by the law of the USA, Delaware. In the event of a dispute, the Parties shall make every effort to settle the same by negotiation. In the event of failure to reach a solution, the Parties may apply to the court to settle the same according to the laws of the USA, Delaware.