Trademark Data
(210) Serial number of the application
(220) Date of filing of the application
(731) Name and address of the applicant
The AIM Institute, Inc.
2206 20th Street , Cuyahoga Falls, OH, 44223, OH
(511) The International Classification of Goods and Services for the Purposes of the Registration of Marks (Nice Classification) and the list of goods and services classified according thereto
42: Computer software for use by B2B professionals to ask appropriate questions of their customers to better understand their needs comprising AI-generated reports detailing information about the target customer, market trends, common problems in the industry, process steps, e-learning to teach proper probing questions, an interactive AI Guide to practice asking questions, and downloadable resources
(541) Reproduction of the mark where the mark is represented in standard characters
(740) Name and address of the representative
Rita E. Kline, AIMIT0110US
(750) Address for correspondence
Rita E. Kline Renner, Otto, Boisselle & Sklar, LLP, 1621 Euclid Ave., Floor 19, Cleveland, OH 44115, United States