Trademark Data
(111) Registration Number
(210) Serial number of the application
(220) Date of filing of the application
(511) The International Classification of Goods and Services for the Purposes of the Registration of Marks (Nice Classification) and the list of goods and services classified according thereto
6: Metal hardware; Nuts, bolts and fasteners, of metal; Pre-fabricated animal houses of metal; Steps [ladders] of metal; Metal stepladders and ladders.

7: Vacuum cleaners; Cordless vacuum cleaners; Brushing [sweeping] machines; Electric brooms; Compressors; Power operated blowers; Vacuum cleaner bags; Ironing machines; High pressure washers; Window cleaning tools (Electric -) incorporating brushes.

9: Information technology and audio-visual, multimedia and photographic devices; Apparatus and instruments for controlling electricity; Apparatus for broadcasting sound, data or images; Central processing units for processing information, data, sound or images; Cases for tablet computers; Flip covers for smartphones; Wireless chargers; Mains chargers; Charging appliances for rechargeable equipment; Batteries; Loudspeakers; Electronic cables; Memory cards; Display screen protectors in the nature of films for mobile phones; Telephone headsets; Mouse [computer peripheral]; Dust covers for computers; Mouse pads; Keyboards; Battery chargers for laptop computers; Computers; Disk drives for computers; Radios; Time clocks [time recording devices]; Microwave ovens [cooking apparatus]; Electronic regulators; Remote controls; Pedometers; Scales; Digital storage media; Spectacles; Satellite navigational apparatus; Wireless weather stations; Weather information apparatus; Batteries; Solar-powered rechargeable batteries; Electronic wirelessly enabled doorbells; Electronic doorbells; Digital weather stations; Brackets for setting up flat screen TV sets; Selfie ring lights for smartphones.

10: Massage balls; Manual massage instruments; Back massage apparatus; Body massagers; Massage apparatus.

11: Cooking, heating, cooling and preservation equipment, for food and beverages; Ice machines; Stoves [heating apparatus]; Electric foot baths; Electric blankets; Garment steamers; Hair dryers; Refrigerators.

12: Two-wheeled trolleys; Small wagons for transporting children; Trolleys.

18: Umbrellas and parasols; Luggage; Bags; Luggage, bags, wallets and other carriers; Rucksacks; Covers for parasols; Umbrella covers.

20: Furniture; Mirrors (silvered glass); Frames (Picture -) of metal; Garment rails; Portable kennels; Kennels for household pets; Desks of adjustable height; Desks; Massage tables; Ladders and movable steps, non-metallic; Dog baskets; Cabinets for storing materials; Clothes hangers, clothes stands [furniture] and clothes hooks; Coat hangers; Clothes stands; Action figures (Decorative -) of plastic; Furniture for motor homes; Deck chairs; Lawn furniture; Recliners [chairs]; Recliners [furniture]; Seats; Chair pads; Seats; Seats of metal; Office armchairs; Parasol stands.

21: Waste paper baskets; Laundry baskets; Electrically heated hair brushes; Hairbrushes; Drying racks for laundry; Salt and pepper mills; Flower pots; Telescopic window cleaners.

22: Screens for protection against the wind; Tents; Canvas for sails; Hammocks.
(541) Reproduction of the mark where the mark is represented in standard characters
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