Trademark Data
(111) Registration Number
(210) Serial number of the application
(220) Date of filing of the application
(511) The International Classification of Goods and Services for the Purposes of the Registration of Marks (Nice Classification) and the list of goods and services classified according thereto
16: Boxes of paperboard, cardboard, corrugated cardboard and corrugated plastics; Cardboard; Cardboard tubes; packing [cushioning, stuffing] materials of paper or cardboard; Plastic materials for packaging, including cardboard, corrugated cardboard and corrugated plastics, all being in the form of collapsible boxes and enclosures; Panels of cardboard, corrugated cardboard and corrugated plastics being parts of packaging containers and enclosures.

17: Plastic materials in the form of mouldings for use in packaging; Packing material and packaging of rubber or plastic; adhesive tapes; Plastics in extruded form, including sheets, for use in manufacture and packaging; packing, stopping and insulating materials; stuffing of rubber or plastic; self-adhesive tapes; plastics panels; Insulating materials and sheets and sleeves; insulating paper and insulating tapes; reflective sheets and panels; heat reflective barriers, vapour control layers, thermal insulating materials, radiant heat barrier systems, coated sheets and vapour barriers; covers; sleeves; box inserts; insulating materials; insulating paper and insulating tape; thermal insulating material; coated sheets; insulating sheets; vapour control layers; radiant heat barrier systems, for use in boxes, packaging and transportation; insulating bags for packaging, packing, stopping and insulating materials, in sheets and rolls; insulating materials included in this class.

20: Containers and enclosures not of metal for transport and storage; Closures for containers and enclosures; Transport and storage pallets and enclosures therefor, not of metal; Non-metal pallets for transportation and enclosures therefor; stackable pallet enclosures; Panels of plastics being parts of packaging containers; Protective containers of non-metallic materials for packing and for storing goods; Non-metallic end closures for containers; Plastics components for packaging containers and packaging enclosures; Temperature control packaging and containers; Transport containers made of cellulose-based materials, wood or of plastics, or of a combination of cellulose-based materials, wood and plastics, all having thermal insulating properties; cases and containers of cellulose-based materials, wood and plastics and stoppers and closures therefor.
(541) Reproduction of the mark where the mark is represented in standard characters
(740) Name and address of the representative
Xavier Przyborowski
(750) Address for correspondence
Xavier Przyborowski Cabinet LAETAMARK 7C Rue des Fusillés de Vingré F-63800 Cournon d'Auvergne FRANCIA
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