Trademark Data
(111) Registration Number
(210) Serial number of the application
(220) Date of filing of the application
(731) Name and address of the applicant
IGT, a Nevada Corporation
IGT, a Nevada Corporation 9295 Prototype Drive Reno, Nevada 89521-8986 ESTADOS UNIDOS (DE AMÉRICA)
(511) The International Classification of Goods and Services for the Purposes of the Registration of Marks (Nice Classification) and the list of goods and services classified according thereto
9: Gaming software; gaming software that generates or displays wager outcomes of gaming machines; downloadable software in the nature of a mobile application for playing games; computer game software for use with on-line interactive games.
(541) Reproduction of the mark where the mark is represented in standard characters
(740) Name and address of the representative
Armin Herlitz
(750) Address for correspondence
IGT Austria GmbH Armin Herlitz Seering 13-14 A-8141 Premstätten AUSTRIA
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